Enlighten Your WordPress Image Library

Generate image alt text automatically using artificial intelligence

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Anthony Delanoix

How it Works

1. Install the Plugin

Install the free EnlightenedImages WordPress plugin, or purchase the Pro version right here. The Pro version generates alt text automatically every time an image is uploaded to your website.

2. Purchase Credits

Purchase credits for all the images that need alt text (the plugin will tell you how many are missing it).

3. Start Generating Alt Text

Using your EnlightenedImages API key, run the bulk generator in your WordPress admin and get alt text for all of your images automatically.

Try It First

Try the alt text generator before you buy. Upload an image to the form to see how the AI would analyze it.

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More Features to Come!

We're just getting started leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to empower WordPress creators to do more with images.

Pro Features

Auto-Generate Alt Text

Automatically generate image alt text for every image that is missing it. 

Identify Brand Logos


Identify logos from brands, organizations — anything and add it to image metadata. 

Extract Text from Images

Use optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from images and save to image metadata. 

Label Objects in Images

Find and label objects in images, including products. 

Identify Landmarks

Identify famous landmarks and add that information to image metadata. 

Find Images Faster

graphical user interface, website

With the Pro plugin, search the media library by image annotation data.